Increasing Student Collaboration and Innovation with Wikis

Creating Student Accounts

Allowing your students membership to your wiki will allow them to edit, create, and collaborate. It means that you will give up some control of the wiki to them, but it also means that you will be empowering them to innovate, problem solve, and develop the 21st century skills they need! (Don't worry - you can always change what they have done and/or revert to a previous version of the page.)

For students that do not already have Wikispaces accounts:
  1. Create a spreadsheet with student usernames and passwords. (For those of us at WASE, a spreadsheet is sent to us at the beginning of the year). To ensure that the usernames are unique, and the passwords are long enough I always add "wase" to the beginning of my students district logins and passwords. This makes it easy for them to remember.
  2. After you have logged onto your wiki, click on "Manage Wiki."
  3. Under "People", click on "User Creator."
  4. Choose the wiki you want to add student accounts to. Make sure that the box where it asks you how you want to enter your list is set to "I will upload a spreadsheet."
  5. Browse your files, find the spreadsheet with the usernames, and click "continue."
  6. Answer the questions about which columns contain usernames, passwords, etc. When asked about e-mail addresses, be sure to indicate that your students don't have them. Click on "Continue."

For students that already have Wikispaces accounts:
  1. Have them sign into Wikispaces using the "sign-in" link on the top of your page.
  2. When they are signed in, have them click on "Join Wiki"
  3. When you log into your wiki, you will see their request. Approve their membership request

Wiki Projects that Promote Collaboration and/or Innovation

Student Created Study Guides
Student Created Book Reviews
Group Research Pages
Individual Research Pages
More Great Wiki Ideas for Elementary

Embedding Web2.0 Widgets into Wikis

Just a small "appetizer" - I'll be doing a full flex session on May 5th.


Voicethread Example #1 and Voicethread Example #2
Blabberize Examples
Animoto Example
Glogster Examples

Lots and Lots more...
List of Web 2.0 Widgets for Educators

How to Embed:

  1. While you are logged into your wiki and on the page to which you want to add a widget, click on "Edit."
  2. Put the cursor where you would like the widget to go.
  3. Click on "Widget" in the above toolbar.
  4. On the left hand side menu, all the way on the bottom, click on "Other HTML"
  5. In a different window, open up the widget you created and find the embed code. This will be in a different place for each site, but usually can be found by clicking on "embed", "share", or "publish". Highlight the ENTIRE embed code and copy to your clipboard (right click -> copy, or CTRL+C)
  6. In your original window - the one where you are editing your wiki - paste (right click -> paste, or CTRL+V) the embed code in the empty box.
  7. Click the "Save" button.
  8. Click on "Save" in the toolbar.

Making Your Wiki Look Cool

Clustr Maps
Revolver Maps