Current Educational Trends, Topics, and Issues PLC

Course Syllabus

Professional Book List

Meeting Dates (3:30-7:30): Sept. 25 (WASE), Oct. 23 (WANI), Nov. 13 (WASE), Dec. 11 (WANI), Jan. 22 (WASE), Feb. 12 (WANI), Mar. 19 (WASE), Apr. 23 (WANI), May 14 (WASE)
Twitter #wachat (7-8PM): Oct. 9, Nov. 6, Dec. 5, Jan. 8, Feb. 5, Mar. 5, Apr. 9, May 7

Professional Learning Community Class Structure
Meeting Segment
Participants agree on aims of the meeting and get ready to focus.
Each person has one minute to update group on current classroom successes or failures.
10-15 minutes
How’s It Going
Each participant gives a summary of what he or she has tried to achieve in the previous month, from their Action Plan and receives support from rest of group in taking his or her plan forward.
· How did it go?
· Was it successful or unsuccessful?
· What was formative about it?
If it was not successful:
· What do you think is getting in the way?
· What help do you need to make this work?
· How could this technique be modified to work for you?
If someone planned to try a technique but did not:
· Why haven’t you tried it yet?
· What modifications to the technique might make it more appealing to try out?
· What support would you need to try out this technique?
45-60 minutes

Presentation of Learning from Book Selections
· Each participant will have 2 presentations to make during the course on the books they have chosen to read. These will be scheduled during the first physical class
· Presentations should last about 5 minutes
30-45 minutes
New Learning About Current Educational Topics
Possible activities:
· Watching and discussing videos of teaching
· Looking at student work
· Reading an article or blog post
· Discussion/Demonstration of new tools
30-45 minutes
Personal Action Planning
Revise and commit to changes in personal action plans.
10-15 minutes
Review of meeting and reflection
Review goal(s) of meeting and create agenda for next meeting.
Commit to instructional actions for the next month
Reflect on your role in the PLC, using self-assessment and commit to actions for the next meeting.
5-10 minutes