Presentations and Links from Various Conferences

Formative Assessment and Improving Instruction

Dylan Wiliam - This guy is amazing, and totally changed how I view my job as an educator. If you ever have a chance to see him speak, jump on it. The session I went to is under "presentations" on his page, and is titled "New models of teacher professional development" from July, 2008 in Hershey, PA

90/90/90 School Research - Research on 90/90/90 schools (schools that are 90% proficient on state tests while also being 90% minority, and 90% economically disadvantaged) by Douglass Reeves from the Leadership and Learning Center.

Doug Reeves Keynote on Leadership and Learning in Hershey, July, 2008:

2008 Model Schools Conference - Presentations from the conference in Orlando, FL (Lots and Lots of presentations here. A bit overwhelming, but definitely worth looking through.) Thanks to Jay Starnes for this link. Wish I could have gone with him (for the conference and the Disney).

Conceptual Mathematics Instruction

Steve Leinwand - Video and Powerpoint Presentation from the National High School Institute's 2008 summer institute. I saw him present at NEIU 19 in Archibald, PA in June of 2008, and his ideas about how we teach math convinved me to reform my classroom in a way that made me a drastically better teacher.

Using Technology in the Classroom

Top 10 Easy to Use Web Tools - From PETE+C, 2009
Why Use Web 2.0 Resources? - From PETE+C, 2009
Using Technology to Assess Students - From PETE+C, 2009
Google Earth: The Next Level - From PETE+C, 2009
Teaching the Civil War w/ Technology - From PETE+C, 2009
Alternate Assessment using Technology & Professional Learning Network Presentations - From PETE+C, 2009
The Web 2.0 Science Classroom - From PETE+C, 2008