Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

How can we claim that we're preparing our students for the future if we are unwilling to embrace the present?

Professional Learning Network / Personal Learning Network (PLN) Diagram

What is a PLN

  • Personal or Professional Learning Network
  • Built by you to suit your needs and interests
  • Free
  • Individualized Professional Development available 24/7
  • Directly relevant to your classroom
  • Consists of a combination of social bookmarking, blogs, videoconferencing, social networking, face to face interaction, collaborative wikis, and other tools

Social Bookmarking

  • Allows you to store and share websites that you find interesting or helpful
  • Unlike bookmarking on your computer, these can be accessed anywhere there's internet
  • Delicious (My Delicious Links)
  • Diigo



Face to Face Networking

  • You already do this!
  • Grade level meetings
  • Asking colleagues for input/advice/feedback
  • Conferences/Workshops

Collaborative Wikis

Social Networking and Microblogging

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Most people use FB for family/friends, not for professional purposes, however...
    • Often other educators will share good blog posts and education articles from newspapers/magazines
  • Plurk
    • More conversational and easier to use than Twitter
    • Much quicker, and more professional feedback/conversation than Facebook
    • The best professional development tool I've ever come across - Nothing has helped me to grow as an educator more than Plurk.

Other Tools