Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

Building Your Professional Learning Network (PLN)

How can we claim that we're preparing our students for the future if we are unwilling to embrace the present?

Professional Learning Network / Personal Learning Network (PLN) Diagram

What is a PLN

  • Personal or Professional Learning Network
  • Built by you to suit your needs and interests
  • Free
  • Individualized Professional Development available 24/7
  • Directly relevant to your classroom
  • Consists of a combination of social bookmarking, blogs, videoconferencing, social networking, face to face interaction, collaborative wikis, and other tools

Social Bookmarking

  • Allows you to store and share websites that you find interesting or helpful
  • Unlike bookmarking on your computer, these can be accessed anywhere there's internet
  • Delicious (My Delicious Links)
  • Diigo



Face to Face Networking

  • You already do this!
  • Grade level meetings
  • Asking colleagues for input/advice/feedback
  • Conferences/Workshops

Collaborative Wikis

Social Networking and Microblogging

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
    • Most people use FB for family/friends, not for professional purposes, however...
    • Often other educators will share good blog posts and education articles from newspapers/magazines
  • Plurk
    • More conversational and easier to use than Twitter
    • Much quicker, and more professional feedback/conversation than Facebook
    • The best professional development tool I've ever come across - Nothing has helped me to grow as an educator more than Plurk.

Other Tools